Velux Sky Lights

+ Velux offers a complete system of complimentary products and accessories for    any      skylight solution from installation right down to the finishing touches.  Weather you're looking to add one of our "Fresh Air" skylights or add geared more towards small spaces, we've got all the skylights options and information you need to make a decision.

+ Clean quite and safe glass


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 Hail, Wind, and Storm Related Inspections

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Window Screens Patio Doors

​We offer, one of our professional field managers can pick up the screens and drop them off

within a week once they are complete.  Metal screens, fiberglass screens are available  for all your windows and doors

A+Home Improvement can provide you with aluminum fascia or wood fascia

+ We offer exterior woodwork, replace bad wood, window trim around the house 

+ We offer aluminum wraps for all your wood trim and fascia