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Solar Attic Fans Attic Fans

Ridge Vent- Filtered Snow Country-Flexible 3-point hinge system, allows installation on roof pitches 3/12 to 12/12.  External baffles help prevent wind and rain from entering the attic.  Has a patented snow guard protection that helps prevent snow infiltration. 

Turtle Vents Metal Vents- also known as louvers, are box like vents that are installed as close to the ridge as possible, for proper ventilation. 

+ Professional Series Solar Attic Fan 

+ 30 Watt This professional series solar attic fan reduces attic heat build up attic fan reduces attic heat build p and mold-harboring moisture.  Improve a home' energy efficiency and extended roof life with active attic ventilation. 

+Can ventilate up to 2800 sq. ft.

​Roof Vent Ridge Vent Turtle Vent Metal Box Vent

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